Welcome to my creative world!

Hi there, I’m Alise Tilaka – a dedicated creator and passionate artist. My journey in the world of art is as diverse as it is exciting. While my heart beats for crafting unique, fictional characters from recycled paper and paperclay, my creative endeavors don’t stop there. Let me take you on a tour of my artistic universe.

Unveiling Extraordinary Characters

My artistic passion thrives on breathing life into unusual, fictional characters. Crafting these enchanting beings from recycled paper and paperclay is a labor of love. These characters may not come to life as swiftly as I’d hope, and that’s because they share the stage with my other creative pursuits.

A Multifaceted Artist

In addition to my paper and clay creations, I’m a versatile artist. My skills extend to product photography, social media management for diverse companies, book layout design, drawing, graphic design, and writing. I’m constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

Adventures in Life

My husband and I share a commitment to not only fill our lives with travel and adventure but also to show our daughters the incredible richness of the world. We embark on journeys near and far, capturing our experiences through film, creating YouTube content, and cherishing every moment. In just a short span of time, I’ve flown in a hot air balloon, soared as a pilot with an instructor, scaled a climbing wall, attempted to perfect the art of macaroon-making, summited a mountain with a teenager and a baby, descended the highest underground slide, and explored the world’s tiniest city. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our adventures across Europe and beyond.

Inspiration Unveiled

My creative spirit is nourished by vintage items, the allure of unusual film and book characters, the mystique of mythology, and the enigmatic charm of mysticism. I revel in the delicate balance between the amusing, the eerie, and the adorable. Nature’s beauty, atmospheric locales, and ancient architecture are my muse. I love to wander the streets, observing people, and absorbing inspiration as naturally as breathing in the air.


Don’t be afraid to be different, to express your inner weirdness, and to explore the world with an open heart and an open mind. Celebrate the extraordinary in the everyday and find beauty in the bizarre. Welcome to a world where imagination takes flight, and the only limit is the sky.

Be yourself. Be weird. Be inspired.