Hi, I am Alise Tilaka – a creator and an artist. 

Creating unusual, fictional characters from recycled paper and paperclay is my passion. These creatures don’t come as quickly as I would like, because this is not my only passion. I’m also a product photographer, I manage social media for other companies, prepare layouts for books, draw, do graphic design, write and travel with my family quite a lot. 

My husband and I  are determined not only to fill our lives with travel and adventures, but also to show out daughters how interesting the world is. Therefore, we travel, immerse ourselves in everything we can, we film it all, make a YT content etc. In just two years I have flown in a hot air balloon, piloted a plane with an instructor, tried for the first time a climbing wall and tried to make a perfect macaroons, reached the top of a mountain with a teenager and a baby, slid down the highest underground slide, been to the world’s smallest city.. travelled almost all of Europe with my family.. and that’s just a small list of all adventures. 

Yes, that’s why I can’t make my creatures as much as I’m expected to, because.. I’m constantly seeking other experiences too.

I find the inspiration in vintage items, unusual film and book characters, mysticism, and mythology. I like balancing between the funny, creepy and cute. I enjoy nature, atmospheric places and ancient architecture, I love to roam around slam, watch people and breathe in the inspiration just like the air.

Stay true to yourself and do not be afraid of anything!
And be weird if you feel so!