Hi, I am Alise Tilaka – a doll artist and creator with a vivid imagination.
I work together with my husband in the art studio: while he makes design books, posters and objects, I mainly create special dolls, using wire, papers and paper clay.

My favourite theme is fear. Through the dolls I tell the stories of fear, for example, of spiders, darkness, loneliness, aliens, age, height, etc. Fear is as natural as any other emotion, and you have to understand and accept it. My creations are weird, creepy or cute. I’m not using any pre-made molds, each miniature doll is created in only one copy, therefore each of them is so special and one of a kind.

I find the inspiration in vintage items, unusual film and book characters, mysticism, and mythology. I like balancing between the funny, creepy and gentle. I enjoy nature, atmospheric places and ancient architecture, I love to roam around slam, watch people and breathe in the inspiration just like the air.

Stay true to yourself and do not be afraid of anything!
And be weird if you feel so!